NFT Doll

NFT Doll

Today we’d love to introduce NFT Doll to our Rebel Family. Her artworks focus on a womans’ sense of self, and each portrait is painted in shades of melancholy, contemplation and eroticism. We’re super excited NFT Doll agreed to take us further into her secret and wonderful universe.

Can you introduce yourself? Are you a full-time artist?

Hi. My name is NFT Doll in the NFT world. I am a 3D junior freelance artist from Norway. I decided it was time to follow my passion and dreams and hopefully make a better future for my family, also better my health in doing what I love and not always follow the next deadline. I was overworked and burned out.

I am a cancer survivor and had Covid, those two and their after effects pretty much made me very tired and I could not keep up the tempo. I have now ventured into the wonderful world of NFT's with my 2D art, but leaving the option open to add 3D to my collections.

My dream is to do this full time and also in the future help other women who are juggling too much by themselves to gain this freedom.

My pieces are 1/1 of different women & girls around the world showing their diversity. Their wants, wishes, personalities & voices. Sometimes it is hard for women to get heard or to shine in their personality, be the one they dream of being. Me included! So in a way I guess I project this through these digital paintings.

How did you get into arts? Is it something you've been doing all your life?

I always did art in some form, since as long as I can remember. But something that was always with me was a piece of paper and a pencil. I could not focus on schoolwork if I didn't keep my hands occupied with something. So I was basically doodling on everything I had in front of me.

Later on in life I started designing clothes and took a degree in dress making, something that over time evolved with technology evolving... and I ended up having to learn 3D to keep up with the business.

I was always shy about my art pieces, and normally stored them away when finished.

I make things out of emotions, thoughts and struggles I have, and I was afraid people could see that if I showed the art. For me it was hard to be that vulnerable and it is something I still struggle with.

What inspires you?

Wow that is a hard question, because it depends on the day and situation. I think what inspires me the most are powerful stories from real people, I am easily moved to tears. I will cry for happy stories, sad stories, success stories and cute stuff. I also get so inspired by other peoples’ artwork, I can sit for hours and just scroll through peoples’ posts on Twitter and the NFT marketplaces. It is really the best medicine for stagnation or when you need a break in life.

How did you hear about the NFT industry? What/who got you into it?

I first started looking into NFT this summer, but I put it away. First because I never showed my art in public and it terrified me (still does). But then the rebel in me entered this fall and I made my first OpenSea and first Twitter accounts.

My hubby @Vlad_Rodrig started with NFT's first, he is a photographer and shoots amazing landscapes and wildlife, so he helped me make an OS account.

I wanted to challenge myself to dare more, to not worry about anything. To dream and set goals and reach them. And I have to say, the wonderful and supportive community is what made me stay.

What opportunities NFT space brought you so far, what are your future expectations?

NFT space have given me so many different opportunities and also made me face my fears and stretch that line in front of me.

I have dared to show my art.

I have spoken in Twitter spaces for a big audiences several times (my lifes’ biggest fear).

I have met new friends and keep meeting more.

I have learned more in one month than I ever thought was possible.

I had my first sale, and the feeling was euphoria.

And I have met a support network in both women and men that guide me the right way with their knowledge.

My future expectation is to make an ok living of it, to pay my bills, fix my know the normal stuff ;) and to help others do the same. I really want to start investing in others’ projects in time and keep doing what I love, art.

Can you share some female NFT artists you love?

All women artists. I won't mention names because the list would be too long. I do have a special sweet spot for powerful pieces that empower or describe other women.

Artist's links:






Rapid fire questions:


If you could not make art, what profession would you pursue?


What song never fails to cheer you up?

Alex Vargas, Shackled Up.

Do you believe in ghosts?

There is more around us than we know.

What are your favorite TV series?

Oh hard one! Squid game was the last really good one I saw, I’m also fond of Walking Dead.

What are your pet peeves?

Bullies, rude people, mansplaining.

Who is your hero?

My hero is absolutely my beautiful youngest daughter. She is 15 and doesn't let a single soul bully anybody before she jumps in front to protect them. She is not afraid to learn new things, to say her peace and to tell everyone who she is. A very, very strong young woman!

And finally, why are you a rebel?

I am a rebel because with all the shit life have given me, I choose to say “fuck it” and go for my dreams for the first time in my life! And it feels damn good. I think whatever life gives you to deal with, there will be two paths from there on. So it is all about choosing wisely.

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