Rebel Society is a NFT limited edition collection of 7000 female characters created from hand-drawn elements in celebration of all inspiring badass women and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.


Silenced, prosecuted, stereotyped, burned as witches, sexualized, body shamed, abused, and discriminated for centuries, women are now writing their own history where the future is female.
This collection is a modern take inspired by all the women who rebelled against society's demands, tore up every fucking label or stuck the middle finger up to anyone who told them to "smile".

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  • Rebel Frida

    Artist / Badass Woman / The Wife

  • Rebel Elric

    Project Lead / Rebel / The husband

  • We are a wife/husband team passionate about social equality and we hope to do our part through our Rebel Society project.

    Frida and Elric have a background in design and project management respectively and are assisted by an awesome team in our Discord server.