Ana Regina Garcia

Ana Regina Garcia

It is a great honor to introduce the very talented Cuban artist Ana Regina Garcia. Her collection of women portraits “All Women Who I am” captivates the audience with bold colors, fantastic line work and intricate details.

Can you introduce yourself? Are you a full time artist?

My name is Ana Regina, I am a graphic designer and NFT artist, I am currently working in the women's fashion magazine Smoda for El Pais newspaper.

How did you get into arts? Is it something you've been doing all your life?

I have always drawn, I remember drawing all the time, spending many hours between paints and papers creating. Since I was very little I told my parents that I wanted to be a painter, somehow I felt that I could express myself through painting.

What inspires you?

I am very inspired by my emotions, whenever I feel a lot of happiness or sadness I channel what I feel by painting. I think it's my way of communicating with my inner self, through illustration I understand myself better.

How did you hear about the NFT industry? What/who got you into it?

I started to be part of the NFT space because of a friend who told me about this whole movement. I am grateful because it has opened a door to my creative freedom.

What opportunities the NFT space brought you so far, what are your future expectations?

I hope that the space will continue to give me the creative freedom I have always sought. I also believe that the NFT has given digital art a value that it did not have before and that is very important for me.

Can you share some female NFT artists you love?

I love the work of @chelsyescalona @GabrielaChangM2 @AncizarJen @Art_DayMunoz @AMugia @LauraThorrez

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Rapid fire questions:

What is the best movie ever?

Irreversible Gaspar Noe

La milla Verde de Frank Darabont

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind de Michel Gondry

Who do you text the most?

I send a lot of text messages to @MondejaC

What was your favorite subject in school?

I loved mathematics

Have you ever lived abroad?

I am currently living abroad. I am Cuban and live in Spain.

Do you have any heroes?

I don't like leaders or heroes, they create too many unnecessary expectations.


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