Martcellia Liunic

Martcellia Liunic

Liunic's Dazed collection is about trying to find a place to escape reality. Drifting to a new realm of spaces, finding happiness in dreams, in being dazed and in a search of finding solitude with oneself.

Can you introduce yourself? Are you a full-time artist?

Hi! My name is Martcellia Liunic and I’m an illustrator and visual artist based in Jakarta Indonesia. I am a full time artist since 2016 and have handled some notable clients like Google, Youtube, Netflix, Samsung and Facebook to name a few.  My art is colorful, playful, sometimes with abstract raw shapes, animals or girl characters.

I’ve been working with mix medium like digital, gouache, acrylics, clay, and prints. I love to explore my art on wearables too and I have an art label called Liunic On Things.

How did you get into arts? Is it something you've been doing all your life?

My grandpa inspired me to draw as I saw him drawing a lot in his spare time. It seemed very relaxing and fun and drawing was my only extracurricular as a kid.

What inspires you?

My personal stories, music, movies, nature, people around me. Basically everything that I consume I guess :)

How did you hear about the NFT industry? What/who got you into it?

My artist community first introduced me to this space. Shout out to Rukmunal Hakim @r_hakim, Ykha Amelz @ykhaamelz, Wickana @witchkana & Diela @dielamaharanie for guiding me here! I got into NFTs because of the freedom that it offers. As an illustrator that handled clients, this space really gave me a chance to explore my art without any restrictions from a third party. So it is a nice balance for me. Also the royalties system is amazing.

What opportunities NFT space brought you so far, what are your future expectations?

I get to meet really nice people here in the space.To meet people who collect my art and say they like it really encourages me to create more! This is one of the most productive times in my career too. I learned a lot about crypto and also get to giveback to my family from my NFT earnings. It’s been such a fun and positive experience so far.




Rapid fire questions:

What do you like on your toast?

Peanut butter and jam

What is your dream destination?

I’ve never been to the US... so maybe NYC

What was your first job?

Photo editor

What's your favorite food?

Nasi Padang! Best food, everybody should try it

Who is your hero?

My grandma

What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching trash TV haha!

Why are you a rebel?

Because I follow my passion and don’t want to give up on it.

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